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“Built Together,” the unique project centered around our popular freestyle line, enters its third generation. Next stop: China. We present two new freestyle models—the Revolt 90 for slopestyle riders and the Revolt 84 for the half pipe. 

The “Built Together” journey started in the 2019/20 season in New Zealand with the introduction of the new Revolt 121, followed by a stop in the U.S. and the renewal of the Revolt 104. Now, in the 2022/23 season, the success story continues in China and we are launching two new models at once: the Revolt 90 and the Revolt 84. This marks the next milestone for our team—featuring slopestyle and half pipe athletes Andri Ragettli, Birk Ruud, Alex Beaulieu-Marchand, Alex Ferreira, Kevin Rolland, Nick Goepper, head engineer Lucas Romain and product and team manager Jean-Claude Pedrolini. This season, the Chinese artist King Rhomberg is responsible for a distinctive new graphic design, with his unique art being used for the entire freestyle collection.

“Built Together” presents: the new Revolt 90 & 84

In its third generation of “Built Together,” Völkl has further refined the Revolt 87 and created two models with different waist widths. The implementation of new technologies and a modified sidecut means that they are perfectly adapted to the needs of riders. Thanks to a 3 mm wider waist, the Revolt 90 is more versatile than its predecessor and is designed to maximize performance for our pro slopstyle riders. A new wood core called the Light Swingweight Woodcore facilitates acceleration and stopping rotation by reducing the weight on the shovel as well as the tail of the ski, shifting it to under the foot. Also new in the Revolt 90 is the tougher sidewall construction. An additional layer provides greater stability and reduces edge breakage, which increases the durability of the ski. Thanks to the tip and tail rocker, tricks such as nose butters or tail presses are easy to perform.  
The Revolt 84, on the other hand, is the ideal ski for the half pipe. Featuring a full camber, like its predecessor, the Revolt 87 is a specialist for the freestyle disciplines that build on full support over the entire length of the ski.  The new, extra-light wood core (Light Swingweight Woodcore) with its optimized weight distribution that is so impressive in the Revolt 90 is also used here. Both models boast reduced weight and a Race Base. This makes it possible to wring the maximum speed out of a short run-up in competition.



King Rhomberg


For the 2022/23 season, Völkl managed to recruit the renowned Chinese artist King Rhomberg to create their product designs. “Each ski has been designed for a different discipline—from park skis to back country skis. As a result, there were numerous discussions about the design in the beginning. In the process, I came up with the idea of using different methods or materials and developing individual designs,” says the artist about the creation process. For the graphics of the new Freestyle collection, he used numerous different techniques and combined them in different ways: from watercolors and collages, to photographs and graphics, and even traditional Chinese art painting.

“Even when I was a kid, I always dreamed of having a sponsor and my own pro model. That’s why I find it extremely exciting to work with the Built Together team. And although I am not the athlete, I still feel very honored that my designs are being used!”

THe new revolt 90

118_90_118 I 168 cm (18.2 m), 174 cm (19.5 m), 180 cm (21.5 m), 186 cm (23.0 m)


THe new revolt 84

110_84_110 I 174 cm (21.0 m), 180 cm (23.2 m), 186 cm (24.7 m)

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